Generation One 

1.  William W Duncan, born 1834 in Ohio; died 31 May 1907 in Effingham, Illinois.1  He married on 21 September 1869, at Fayette County, Illinois, to Jennie Salina Ford,2 daughter of Eliza A and Barney S Ford.3  Jennie, born December 1848 in Ohio,4 death date is currently unknown.

A physician by profession,5 William Duncan moved from Mahoning County, Ohio to Fayette County, Illinois in the 1860’s while he was in his 20’s.6  His parents, Hugh Duncan and Rachel Glass, remained in Ohio until their death.  William’s oldest sister, Mary Jane Duncan, married John Dunlap,7 a hardware merchant from Ireland.8  They lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and had 11 children, 4 of which lived to adulthood.9  William’s brother, Andrew Jackson Duncan, married Sarah Elizabeth McKinley, the sister of President William McKinley.10  Andrew and Sarah had 4 children.11 (A diary of Andrew Jackson Duncan can be found at the University of Michigan William L. Clement’s Library, for more information click here)  William also had a sister named Emma, but not much is known about her.

William died 31 May 1907 from “debility due to lack of nourishment, paralysis, and rheumatism.” He had been ill for about 3 years and is buried in Effingham, Illinois.11 After William died, his wife Jennie continued to live in Effingham13 and then moved to Los Angeles, California to live with her daughter Blanche and son-in-law George Foley.14

William W Duncan and Jennie Salina Ford had three children:

2.        i.    Nellie Mae Duncan, born 4 July 1871 in Vera, Illinois; married Charles McElhiney on 12 April 1903; died 5 September 1950 in Toledo, Illinois.15  Nellie and Charles did not have any children.
3.       ii.     Blanche E Duncan, born abt 1874 in Effingham, Illinois; married George B Foley and did not have any children.16
4.       iii.     Charles A Duncan, born 22 June 1877 in Effingham, Illinois; married Margaret A Rostrom; died July 1969 in Charleston, Illinois.17

Generation Two

4.  Charles A Duncan (son of William), born 22 June 1877 in Effingham, Illinois; died July 1969 in Charleston, Illinois.18  Charles married Margaret A Rostrom, daughter of James Rostrom of England and Annie Nora of Ireland, on 9 August 1901.19  Margaret was born September 1879 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania;20 her death is unknown.

Charles was a stenographer; he worked as a mail clerk for the U.S. Railroad.21  After marrying Margaret in 1901 in Illinois, the family immediately moved to Pennsylvania, where their first son was born three months later. They briefly moved back to Illinois and then to Indiana where they resided at 404 Pearl Street, Richmond, Indiana.22  By 1920, Charles and Margaret had settled in Youngstown, Ohio.  In Youngstown, the Duncan family resided at 1415 Rigby Street23 and also 432 Florencedale Ave.24

Charles Robert Duncan

5.        i.       Charles Robert Duncan, born 6 October 1901 in Pennsylvania;25 married Julia M Young 16 January 1940; died 18August 1984 in Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio.26
6.        ii.      James A Duncan, born 7 September 1906 in Effingham, Illinois; died 19 August 1976 in Youngstown, Ohio.27
7.        iii.     John William Byron Duncan, born 20 April 1909 in Richmond, Indiana; died 24 July 1990 in Union County, Ohio.28
8.        iv.     Mary Madonna Duncan, born about 1914 in Indiana.29
9.        v.      Marcella A Duncan, born 17 July 1916 in Ohio; married Robert Grant in 1941; died 7 June 1972 in Youngstown, Ohio.30

List of sources (click here)
Duncan Photos (click here)

Research Goals for the Duncan Lineage: 

  • Add a generation behind William W Duncan.  Need more sources for his parents Hugh Duncan (1799-1870) and Rachel Glass (1808-1897).
  • Find more information on Jennie Salina Ford (obituary, death record)
  • Find more information on Margaret Rostrom (obituary, death record, parent’s records)
  • Order a copy of Andrew Jackson Duncan’s Civil War diary from the University of Michigan.
  • Find another Duncan descendant that has done a DNA test to compare with.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Did William DUNCAN die 1906 or 1907? You have both dates.


    • Thanks for pointing that out. According to his death certificate, he died 31 May 1907. I haven’t updated this page in over a year and a half, so it’s probably time I go through it again.
      Are you related to these people? I have yet to connect with any Duncan distant cousins.


      • About 1828, my DUNCANs left County Londonderry, Ireland and emigrated to Frampton, Quebec. Eventually they spread down into the states. I’m broadening my search as I look for some strays.

        I found some of the Pittsburgh DUNCANs and a W. R. DUNLAP in the oil business to be interesting reading. It was the DUNLAP & DUNCAN name which Google directed me to your blog. Unfortunately, I see no connection of my DUNCANs to any of the Pittsburgh DUNCANs or your Ohio DUNCANs.

  2. Posted by Candace Perry on August 29, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    I am a descendant of Hugh’s brother John (born 1809). This is a hugely frustrating family, as there should be more documentation than there is!


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