I Must Confess

1.  I was a little disappointed when my DNA results said this.  No Asian, no African.*

2.  I’ve never identified with the Irish culture, gasp.*

3.  I’m so bored hearing about famous people’s colonial roots.  Megan Smolenyak has a whole chapter on this in her new book Hey, America, Your Roots Are Showing.

4.  Since doing genealogy I’ve realized that my own K-12 history education was appalling.  To think of all those wasted hours learning of half-truths and sugar coated nonsense and all the great things we did not learn about…

5.  I have an indian princess in my family.  Her name was Rebecca and she was of the Seneca tribe.  Unfortunately, she died in childbirth and her husband remarried an evil woman who treated the step-child horribly.  It’s highly unlikely, actually 100% unlikely, but I’d love to find out how the story started in the first place.

6.  I haven’t found a single family member in the 1940 census.

*A 5% African and/or Asian would have been quite the mystery and pretty fun to solve. There was a brief “oh shucks” moment seeing there wouldn’t be any scandals in our DNA. Plus it squashed my indian princess rumor. Regarding Irish culture, what can I say, I feel more American, Austrian, English, Welsh, Dutch, and German than I feel Irish, *shrugs*.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Aunt Betty on June 25, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    I am happy to be who I am and proud to be Irish too. You should go to Ireland and see for yourself what a lovely people that they are. I traveled all over Ireland and stayed in B&B’s and that was a great way to get to know the people. Be proud of who you are and not be bothered by such nonsence of not having other races in your blood.:)


    • Hi Aunt Betty,

      I am also happy of who I am and proud of it! I was *a little* disappointed (oh shucks!) in that as a genealogist it would have been a very interesting and fun mystery to solve of where the African/Asian fit it. Seriously, can you imagine scandal! Also, Native American’s come up as Asian in the test so the story about Loretta Zillifro-Hutchinson having a Seneca princess as a mother is false. It was written in sarcasm and joking.

      I’m also very aware of what a lovely people the Irish, their culture, and beautiful land are. We all identify with certain cultures more than others, sometimes despite of what our actual heritage is. I’ve always identified as being an American and maybe a little Austrian. Identifying with, feeling a part of, and being proud of are all very different emotions.

      Please don’t misinterpret my post as me not being proud of who I am or disappointed in being Irish. It was not meant to be taken so seriously.


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